Italian Cacciatore Salami PDO

Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO

The principal characteristics of the Cacciatore are tied to its Protected Designation of Origin certification.
It is produced with Italian raw ingredients, and in total compliance with the traditional recipe for small salami that hunters carried with them in their saddle bags during a hunt. Hence, the ingredients used are only high quality cuts of pork meat, salt, pepper and traditionally a pinch of garlic, and never strong spices.

At the end of a 10-day seasoning period, the salami must possess a well-defined aspect, taste and chemical-physical characteristics, namely, small size (usually about 200 g); slightly curved shape; firm, non-elastic consistency.

The slice is firm and homogeneous when it is cut. The colour is a uniform ruby red with well distributed grains of fat, and the subtle savoury flavour that is never acidic

Now also available in trays. Goodness ready to enjoy

Italian Cacciatore Salami PDO is also available ready-sliced in handy trays.

The decision to go down this route, keenly supported by the Consortium for the Protection of Cacciatore Salami PDO, came from the- desire to give consumers an even more versatile, ready to eat product.

From now on, this premium example of Italian cured meat excellence can be enjoyed on even more occasions: appetizing during lunch break, flavourful for a bite to eat in the park, and handy for all those occasions when we are short of time but need a quick and tasty ready to eat snack.

Ready-sliced Cacciatore Salami PDO makes a quick, nutritionally-sound snack able to satisfy the tastes of a wide range of consumers, also because it can be used as an ingredient in creative recipes.

The Consortium’s member companies offer the market a number of formats: from the small 60-gram tray, perfect for a quick snack, to larger formats, ideal to meet the needs of the whole family.

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