Nutritional Value – Italian Cacciatore Salami PDO

The improvements that emerged from studies on new nutritional values indicate that Italian Cacciatore Salamis DOP are a foodstuff suited to the entire population and to a variety of consumption occasions, able to meet the demand for flavour and at the same time, in line with the scientific community’s dietary recommendations.
Salt content has been substantially reduced compared with previous years as a result of the evolution of productions systems and greater attention to the quality of raw materials and the seasoning used. The salt content is no less than 18% lower than in the past.

The fat content has been notably reduced, and composition quality has also been optimized as a result of modern breeding techniques. The saturated fatty acid content of this food product has been considerably reduced, and at the same time a balance between saturated and unsaturated fats achieved. Simultaneously with the reduction in saturated fats, significant decreases in cholesterol content has been recorded, along with an increase in the protein content, which supplies fewer calories than fats.
Furthermore, significant amounts of vitamins B6 and B12 were found, for which analysis data was not previously available. The latter in particular plays a key role in nervous system function and red blood cell formation. As far as mineral salts – essential nutrients for good body health – are concerned, potassium levels now appear to be particularly high.

The nutritional value of Italian Cacciatore Salami DOP, as now produced, makes it a food suitable for the population as a whole and for every consumption occasion. Its protein, vitamin and mineral salts content mean it is also suitable for growing children.

Being easily chewable and having good keeping qualities means the elderly can also enjoy the flavour of this traditional Italian food product, while simultaneously meeting the increased need for calcium, phosphorus, zinc and anti-oxidant vitamins. For young people and sportspersons, Cacciatore Salami DOP provides an easy, natural means to replenish the nutrients lost during physical exercise – easily digested and assimilated carbohydrates, proteins, fats and mineral salts.

Source: CRA (formerly the National Food and Nutrition Research Institute), 2011