Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO not only taste good, but also meet the nutritional demands of modern consumers, who are increasingly attentive to food matters. This is because they are rich in noble proteins, important minerals and all the B vitamins. The latest surveys conducted on Italian cured meats (Source: CRA, formerly the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, 2011) show that the salt, fat and cholesterol contents of Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora have been significantly reduced over the years, while retaining the presence of valuable monounsaturated fatty acids (the so-called “good fats”). In addition, “Cacciatore italiano” is lactose-free.

It is therefore a type of food suitable for everyone and at different times of the day, capable of satisfying the desire for flavour and in line with the dietary recommendations of the scientific community. They are recommended for growing children, young people and athletes, who can easily and naturally recover nutrients consumed in physical exercise, as well as for the elderly, who can appreciate its typical Italian flavour and ease of digestion and assimilation.